Hub Link is an innovative sales, marketing and distribution company with a strong focus on managing supply chains in Australia and across the globe.

With expertise including sourcing, integrated business planning, warehousing, inventory management and domestic & global transport.

The Team


Tim is an experienced financial markets professional who has held senior positions in both dealing and management roles in a number of major corporations and financial institutions including Southbank Capital, National Australia Bank Ltd, British Petroleum Finance Australia Ltd, Bank of America Corporation, Indosuez Australia Ltd and Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Ltd.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics, a Master of Business Administration, a Diploma of Financial Services, is a Certified Finance and Treasury Professional and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. Tim is a Judge of The Banksia Sustainability Awards and is the publisher of a number of environmental publications.


Karl O’Shaughnessy has more than 30 years experience in financial markets, spanning the global banking and hedge fund industries. He worked for Australian Bank Ltd, Elders Merchant Finance, National Mutual Royal Bank, Dresdner Bank and National Australia Bank. Throughout this time Karl gained extensive trading experience and held various management roles including Head of Foreign Exchange National Australia Bank.

Karl has been a significant contributor to the Australian hedge fund community primarily via executive roles with Kaiser Trading Group Pty Ltd (‘KTG”). Commencing in 1998, KTG rose to peak assets under management of US$2.2 billion in 2008. As part of the team, Karl drove innovation, business strategy and marketing of KTG, helping to make it one of Australia’s largest and most successful CTA hedge funds.

Karl has built a dynamic financial career combining strong business acumen with a forte for strategic innovation.